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Soccer Practice

League Rules

By participating in the Animeca Sports League for Soccer, you agree to the following rules.  Failure to abide by the rules of the league will result in the disqualification of the individual or team without refunds.

The Official Rulebook of Animeca Sports Outdoor Soccer


I. Foreword


This code of rules governs the playing of Soccer games in the AS. If there is no explicit definition of a rule or circumstance here, FIFA regulations will apply. The Game Head Referee's (GHR) decisions are final.


II. Conduct


 Whether you win or lose, be kind, have fun, and be positive. The next day, everyone has to
get up and go to work, and this is a social league, not a chance to relive your golden years.
Maintain a laid-back disposition, mingle with new people, and enjoy yourself.


 There is ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED on the fields! Alcohol drinking is against the law in
state parks. Anyone caught breaking the rules of the field will be asked to leave right
away. We must follow the regulations because we are visitors to the field we are using, and for continued permission in to use the facilities and have a positive rapport.


 Players who are suspected of having alcohol on them or on spectators will be permanently
banned from the league, and their teams may also forfeit with no refund.


 If anyone (including players, supporters, or friends of players) is discovered bringing alcohol,
firearms, or controlled substances into any location or sponsor bar used by the league, they will
be instantly removed, at the discretion of the AS. Even if they are suspected of consuming too
much alcohol before the game, suspected of abusing a controlled substance, or if they are
deemed disruptive or a danger to themselves or others at any time, they will not be allowed to


 These regulations are in place for the players' protection, enjoyment, and ongoing
camaraderie as well as that of the league, sponsoring establishments, and sponsor bars.



III. Weather for Indoor and Outdoor


AS will alert all captains if there is a chance of severe rain, sleet, snow, wind, or other hazardous weather that could make it dangerous to play a game or travel.

If the games are already underway when they must be stopped due to bad weather, they will
be restarted or time will be determined by the league director for those circumstances.


Any games postponed for weather will be rescheduled and information on the rescheduled
game will be sent to all captains by email. The day of the rescheduled game may result on any other weekday due to field availability and time constraints.



IV. Team Size and Player Eligibility


 To participate, all players must be at least 18 years old and sign a waiver. At least twelve players make for a full roster. There is a limit on the roster of 14 players, additional players will pay a fee and will be allowed to join their team. No new players will be added after week 3. To maintain a balanced roster size, the AS reserves the right to add players to teams.

 Players may only play on the team to which they are registered. Guests are allowed with a
fee that must be paid before game time and the player must sign a waiver. No guests will be
allowed during quarterfinals and on.

 Any team playing with an unregistered player during quarterfinals and on are subject to
forfeiting that game and expulsion from the league.

Any team found allowing unregistered players and/or guests that has not signed a waiver and has not notified AS will be penalized with a fee and would forfeit that game. 


For indoor soccer, team size will be determined on the space. For 5v5 - 2 players must be female. No team will be allowed to play with fewer than 3 players (one player must be a female). Teams may never play more than 3 male players at a time, and no team will be allowed to play without at least 1 female player. Teams with no female players or with fewer than three total players will be compelled to Forfeit. 

For indoor soccer with a team size of 6v6- 2 players must be female on the field at all times. No team will be allowed to play with fewer than 4 players. One player must be female. Teams may never play more than 3 male players at a time, and no team will be allowed to play without at least 1 female player. Teams with no female players or with fewer than three total players will be compelled to Forfeit.

For outdoor soccer, teams may play up to 7v7 or 8v8 depending on field size. Roster of 7 v7 must have at least 2 female players on the field at all times, or play with a player down on the field. Roster of 8v8 must have at least 3 minimum female players on the field at all times, or play with a player down on the field. No team will be allowed to play with fewer than 5 players, two players of which must be  female. Teams with 0 or 1 female players or with fewer than three total players will be compelled to Forfeit.

 Teams must start the game at the scheduled game time if the minimum number of players are
present on both teams.

V. Equipment

The game balls will be provided by AS for all matches.

Shin guards are recommended for all players and are the responsibility of each individual

For indoor soccer, all players must wear rubber-soled shoes. No cleats are allowed.

For outdoor soccer, no cleats are allowed.

Each player on an official team roster will receive a league-issued shirt on Week 3 of the
Season unless there is an unforeseen problem.

Shirt sizes and ink colors are not guaranteed and will be listed based on availability.
You always need your Team T-Shirts.

 The shirt must be worn and visible during each and every game of the Season.

Team T-shirts are used by the employees of our sponsor entities to identify AS
players, who are eligible to receive league discounts.

VI. Captains

 Each team shall have one or two team managers who are charged with making sure that only players registered on their team are participating on their team’s behalf. If a guest is playing it is the responsibility of the team manager(s) to inform the league and they sign a waiver and pay the guest fee.

Only team managers may dispute calls on the field, and are responsible for their players
understanding the rules.

Team managers are responsible for any trash left by his or her team after each session of

VII. Referees/Sports Officials

Our Referees are professionals and must be treated with respect. Their interpretations of
rules and their judgments on the field are FINAL. Any aggressive behavior in their direction (or
anyone else’s direction) will not be tolerated and may result in suspension or expulsion from our
leagues, forfeiting their registration fees.



VIII. Scoring

1. Points (W=3pts; T=1pt)


2. Goal differential


3. Head to head


4. Most goals scored


5. Fewest goals allowed



IX. Postseason Play/Playoffs

While regular season games can end in a tie, postseason games tied after the second half
will play a first-score-wins (sudden death) overtime period.


Guest players are not permitted from participating in playoff matches.  Only registered members on a team can participate in post season matches.


Any red cards received in a post-season match will result in the offending player being unable to play the following match with their team.


X. Forfeits

Games start as scheduled, so please be ON TIME. We recommend showing up at least 15
minutes early to avoid any confusion and the chance of forfeiting. Please do not forfeit without a
minimum of 24 hour notice in advance in order to provide your opponent with enough time to inform their team. A game can be rescheduled. Your teammates and your
opponents count on you to have a full team and game.


A schedule is given within the first to second week to identify any games of conflict. It is not considered
notification unless you receive a reply. Once the other team is notified and accepted there is not
a chance to reverse a forfeit decision.


A team’s second forfeit will result in a fine at the discretion of the league, is a negative point in the Standings and ineligibility for the playoffs,
and a team’s third forfeit is removal from the remaining schedule, as they will be considered to
have abandoned their place in the league thus forfeiting their registration fees.


XI. Game Length and Clock

Games consist of two 25-minute halves with a continuous running game clock, separated by
a 5 - minute halftime. There will be no overtime during the regular season. Be ON TIME!


Games lengths may be adjusted in the postseason.


The Game Head Referee is the timekeeper.

XII. Start of Play

A game is started by a kick-off from the center mark. The kick does not have to go forward.


A goal cannot be scored on a direct kick from the kick-off.


XIII. Mid-Game Substitutions

Both teams may substitute an unlimited number of players at any time during play. The
exiting player must be off the field prior to the substitute entering the field. “Subbing on the fly.”


If a player is injured, another player must replace the injured player
until the injured player recovers.


XIV. Goalkeeper

The goalkeepers can only use their hands in the goal box, but may not touch the ball with
their hands if a player on their own team has deliberately kicked it to them.


Goalkeepers can NOT drop kick, punt the ball or slide tackle when attempting to win the ball against their opponent.


 Once the ball is set down, it cannot be picked up again. If the ball is picked up again, the
opposing team receives an indirect kick from the spot of the retouch.


The goalkeeper goal kick can NOT pass more than half field.


Goalkeepers are not to be tackled, run onto- once they have a touch on the ball they must be
the only player on the ball.

The goalie has 6 seconds to distribute the ball or a free kick will be given to the opposing team.

XV. Kick-Ins and Throw-Ins

Throw-ins are taken from the Touch Line.


Kicking the ball from the sideline is not allowed.​


For indoor soccer, a ball must be passed in from the touch line.


XVI. Free Kicks and Fouls

For outdoor soccer, free kicks are given with a spacing of three paces. Players are allowed to shoot at the goal if they would like.

For indoor soccer, all kicks are indirect with the exception of penalties.


An indirect kick is one where a player from the team with possession of the ball must first
pass it to a teammate before a shot on goal can be taken. An indirect kick shot on goal without
another offensive player first touching the ball will result in a change of possession and an
indirect kick for the opposing team at the spot of the foul.


Free kicks resulting from fouls will occur at spot of the foul.


Penalty kicks are only awarded based on the Head Referee's discretion. Penalty kicks are direct kicks and do not have to touch another player prior to a


Any member of the offended team may attempt a penalty kick. Penalty
kicks will be taken from the basketball foul line in indoor soccer. In outdoor soccer, penalty kicks
will be taken at a point 10 paces from the goal as determined by the referee(s).


XVII. The Field and Out of Bounds/Dead Ball Territory


For indoor soccer, all four walls of the gym are part of the field of play.

If the ball hits the ceiling while in play, gameplay will be restarted with an indirect kick
taken by the opponents of the team that last touched the ball. The kick is taken from the point
on the ground above which the ball hit the ceiling.

If the ball deflects off any part of the backboard or off of the goalies back directly into
the goal, the result will be no goal and a dead ball. Possession will be awarded to the team
playing defense. If the ball does not go into the goal, play will continue.

If a player is pinned against the wall or bleachers, play is stopped and the team with
the ball receives a kick-in from that spot.


It is illegal for a player to push off of the wall for leverage to create space or an
otherwise unfair advantage. This type of maneuver will result in a foul and a turnover of
possession to the opposing team. Players are still permitted to put their hand on the wall to
protect themselves from injury.


XVIII. Slide Tackles

Slide tackles (determined at the Ref’s discretion) are defined as plays in which a player
leaves their feet to slide towards an opposing player who has the ball. Slide tackles will NOT be
tolerated and are punishable by a yellow card.


However, any sort of intentional contact or reckless unintentional contact of any kind can
result in a penalty, and in more severe instances an immediate ejection from the game without


XIX. Yellow Cards

These are issued to players exhibiting any of the following behavior:

1. Unsportsmanlike conduct

2. Dissent by word or action to the Referee

3. Delaying the restart (corner kick, free kick, goal kick, kick in, etc.)

4. Failure to respect the required distance when play is restarted on a corner kick, free kick, goal
kick, kick in, etc.

5. Persistent fouling and physical play

6. Any Player receiving a yellow card must exit the field for 2 min and the team will be a player


XX. Red Cards 

These are notifications that a player has been sent off/ejected from the game.
Red cards are issued to players exhibiting any of the following behavior:

1. Serious fouls and dangerous play

2. Violent conduct

3. Spitting at an opponent, teammate and/or Referee

4. Denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring opportunity with a deliberate
handball (does not apply to the goalkeeper within his/her goal box)

5. Using offensive, insulting, or abusive language and/or gestures at an opponent, teammate
and/or Referee

6. Receiving a second yellow card during the game

7. Any ejected participant must leave the premises.

8. Any ejected individual must get approval by Stephanie Nava, President of Animeca Sports, prior to attending or participating in future games, leagues, or hosted events.

These rules may be changed with notification to participants in the league given.

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